Chickens changing lives.

Last week we showed you a clip featuring our wonderful Fiji Coordinator, Urmila. This week take a look at her chickens! We are only able to support Urmila one day per week at the moment even though she works tirelessly and many more days than this, so we set her up as a kind of tester of some of the income generating projects that we offer our girls’ families.

She has a box of bees in the local village that she will soon harvest for honey and separate to make 2 boxes, she grows veggies to feed her family and sometimes sell, and her most recent project is a pretty impressive little chicken coup.

You may remember us writing about our friends from the German International School in Sydney who went to Fiji as our first in-country volunteers and stayed with Urmila and her family in June.

They bought the chicken coup and some baby chicks for Urmila that she and her husband manage. Their little grand-daughter helps chase them around too!

You can see the short clip of their chickens here. This has become such a successful business that Urmila is able to keep buying chicks to keep the business going, at the same time as little by little buying the materials to build a solid concrete house for her family. This has been a long held dream of hers that frustrates her every wet season as the water comes up to their knees.

We are very excited at the thought of chickens changing lives! (*the chickens in the featured image belong to another girl’s family, their coup is an old oil drum!)

We have 10 income generating projects on the go with the families of the girls we support and they are all starting to create a steady income stream…thank you for your generosity in making this possible!

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Jane for team ‘a Girl & her world’




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