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cheap ray ban sunglasses M luteus has an unusual ability to tolerate and to use very toxic organic molecules as carbon sources, and metals, and can be used in the degradation of metals such as zinc, lead and nickel.[12] It has been sequenced because these features are important for potential applications in bioremediation and biotechnology[13] these two properties are essential to dealing with toxic wastes [14] It has been found in contaminated soils, and can degrade phthalates,[15] hydrocarbons and olefinic compounds [16]Micrococcus is not considered as a pathogen but in individuals with a compromised immune system, such as newborn infants or patients with AIDS, M. Luteus can cause skin infections that produce pruritic eruptions, sometimes with central ulceration, accompanied by severe itching; in immunocompromised patients it occasionally causes serious problems such as septic shock, pneumonia endocarditis or sepsis. [17] In hospitals, the bacteria can be transmitted by hospital staff who may have failed to wash their hands properly by going from one patient to another. cheap ray ban sunglasses

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