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- A Girl and Her World Incorporated
BSB: 032-285
Account Number: 473587

What are you Giving to?

1. Girls back to School – $25/Month

We support Girls to get back to school and stay there. We assess their family’s situation, connect them with local networks, then help to overcome barriers like:

  • Purchasing uniforms and stationery from local suppliers
  • Creating travel passes with local bus companies
  • Providing sanitary pads and period undies and supporting menstrual hygiene needs.
2. Girls going to Uni – $100/Month

Each year, Girls move away from RakiRaki to study in another part of Fiji at University or TAFE. Set up costs can stop them from going, including:

  • Bond for a place to live
  • House set up costs including cookware and linen
  • Text books and stationery.

We connect Girls and young women with local scholarships and vocational counsellors to help them decide what’s best for them, including study and employment opportunities.

We encourage them to go…but then return home to strengthen their communities.

3. Staying Safe – Up to FJ$500 per workshop

We run workshops for Girls and mums on how to stay safe and prevent sexual exploitation and abuse. Often these workshops are facilitated free of charge by local trainers, however costs include:

  • Venue hire, transport for participants, training and materials relevant to the course.
4. Small business capital for mums and dads: FJ$500 per project

The families of the Girls we support want to provide for their daughter’s education themselves. They don’t want charity or welfare. We provide seed capital for businesses such as:

  • Gardening and crops
  • Poultry and other livestock projects
  • Beehives and honey harvesting
  • Sewing and tailoring.
5. Small business training for mums and dads: FJ$500 per workshop

We help families with training on bookkeeping, small business planning and other business skills to give them best chance of using their seed capital effectively and set up their projects with confidence. The cost of the workshops typically cover the training itself, as well transport for participants.

ABN 46 599 053 967

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