Urmila Prasad, In-country Co-ordinator Fiji

Urmila is our ‘go-to’ wonder woman on the ground in Fiji. Indo-Fijian, she has lived in the western side of Viti Levu all her life and knows her community and the way things work. With 18 years experience in volunteering with the Fiji Red Cross Society, Urmila has been there for people during floods, cyclones, poverty, grief and loss.

Urmila’s role with a Girl & her world includes initial assessment of families, connecting them with us and any other relevant organisations, working with the local schools to set each girl up with all she needs and then also helping the family create income generating opportunities.

She provides our eyes and ears in rural RakiRaki and is a passionate advocate for people, knowing the crippling sting of poverty firsthand. Urmila is a proud mum and grandma and a great teacher, making sure those around her know hows things work as well, should she ever need a day off!

Urmila is a much loved member of the a Girl & her world team and is worth her weight in gold!