The Helper’s High

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

I love this quote. What’s great is that it doesn’t have to be the whole world that we set out to change, but our corner of it. Our individual ability to affect change is usually highly underrated. The ripple effect of our passion, conviction and enthusiasm for a cause can make waves and literally change people’s lives. We don’t have to wait until we have power, influence and money. And…it can be good for us.

Over January I’m going to write a bit about ‘The Helper’s High’ – that rush of feel good chemicals that is released when we help others and do good. Ever felt that way? Ever felt like you’d really like to connect with people in poverty and actually DO something, knowing how good it would make you feel? Ever teared up and loved giving knowing you’ve done the right thing and evened out a square of inequality somewhere? Turns out we’re wired that way…to do good, and it’s good for our health.

I saw The Iron Lady recently (if Meryl Streep doesn’t win an oscar for her role as Maggie Thatcher I will be very surprised!) and loved some of the one liners. “One’s life must matter Dennis!” she exclaimed after refusing to die washing a tea cup. She later went on to say that people used to be about DOING something, now we’re all about BEING something. So true. And may be why so many people are so unhappy. We’re not created to be self centred.

You can make a difference in a girl’s life who without support may never finish school. The consequences of that can be devastating for her and the next generation.

Our lives must matter. What are you about doing in 2012?

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Lv Jane

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