The Girls are back at Uni

University of the South Pacific

It’s that time of year again – school is back in session and university students are heading back to campus. For uni students in Australia, it’s about juggling part time jobs, budgets and living arrangements. But for the girls we support in Fiji, it means so much more. 

Three of the Girls we have supported throughout high school are now getting ready for their first semester of university, with Kalesi studying law, Kajal studying commerce and accounting, and Litia studying computer science and business.

For all three, it’s the first time that anyone in their families has made it to tertiary study, and there are many barriers that threaten to prevent them from completing their degree. 

All three Girls are able to attend thanks to scholarships – and we’re so proud of them! But the Girls live too far out of town to travel to and from university every day. On top of that, with on-campus accommodation unavailable and part-time work scarce, they’re unable to afford private rental accommodation, let alone the cost of books, internet access and living expenses facing all university students. 

 So we need your help.

With your support, we’re looking to raise funds to provide these girls with the chance to continue their tertiary studies.

At just $28 a day per girl, we can provide them with all the support they need to study their dream degrees. 

You can donate now through the website to give these girls the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and follow their dreams.

Educating Girls is a powerful poverty circuit breaker. Thank you! 

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