Raising funds for basic school supplies

It’s $5 Friday and this month we are raising funds to help keep Girls in school. 

We have a new Girl who has recently been assessed by our team and needs basic school supplies including uniforms, shoes and books to ensure she gets off to the best start. We will also continue to work with local school Principals to identify and support those Girls who need additional support in continuing their education. 

How can you help today? 

we are also celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!

You can support us all year round by using our GoFundraise page, by holding an event or sharing on your social networks. We love sharing our story with the wider world, especially as so many people are now travelling to Fiji and reigniting their love for the beautiful Pacific Islands. Our wonderful friends at GISS School raised over $1100 last year and we were so impressed with their efforts!

If you want to host and event, reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you and can even provide speakers for large events. 

We’ll be holding proper celebrations later in the year, so there’s more to come soon. We are keen to increase our supporter base and would love you to encourage people to join us by following us on social media or signing up to receive our newsletter here. 


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