Planting the seeds of wonder…

I love this image! I shared it on my own Facebook profile this week from another great organisation Every Little Girl.

It made me think of the girls we support and how so many girls and women throughout the Pacific have been taught that submission and servitude is their lot, just quietly accepting that life will come at them and they must bend and flow with it without having much if any say in how it will turn out.

It is so inspiring and exciting to me to see the tide turning. Last week one of the young women I work alongside in Papua New Guinea spoke up and had input into a ceremonial tradition. This was a Big Deal. The girls in her family looking on will now see that there can be a place in their culture for them to have a voice. She has planted the seeds of wonder.

There is a gorgeous magazine called Stella in PNG that is representing women and girls in a positive and stunning way, inviting culture and tradition to hold hands with a changing world.

In Fiji, the girls we support want to be doctors and lawyers and accountants and politicians. I can’t wait to see them achieve these goals, waiting till they’re older to marry and have babies, in control of when this happens and breaking cycles of both poverty and oppression.

Women all over the Pacific are starting to speak up and get restless in a new way, they want different futures for their daughters and are finding their voice. What an honour to link arms with them in this quest!

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Leila strives for a brighter future

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