Little flakes of white falling

Things progressed quickly between the two, and the fire waxed on as they partied together sometimes three to four nights a week for the next two months. Suddenly, just as suddenly as he walked into her life in that bar, he was gone. But he left a memorial of their passion, soon evidenced by a missed period.

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fake oakleys And of course it can all be this long coincidence, but I think I’m just starting to believe much more and I’m feeling it more in my heart, the interconnectiveness of everything.”On the lively “On Down The River,” Bill sings solo about his childhood in England, sitting on the banks of the River Thames and fantasizing about one day leaving.”I grew up in a housing estate, with all the houses the same, and I kind of escaped from that by going down to the industrial banks of the Thames, with old rusty freighters leaving the port,” said the older Plaskett in a baritone English accent, clasping a coffee mug next to his son on the couch.”And so it was the notion of imagining yourself going away, which I eventually did.”The album was recorded last year during a time Joel found to be “really taxing emotionally with what has been going on in the world,” namely the American election.”That was sort of there in the background as this pressure, and without sounding too corny, the idea of playing music with your family and the idea of coming together.” he said, trailing off and looking towards his father.”Right,” Bill affirms, nodding.Although not overt, Joel said there are political undertones on “Solidarity.” But he hopes the music can exist outside of the issues that divide society and serve as a peacemaker.”The audience may disagree on a ton of things out there in the world, but when they come together liking music, or just being in the room with music, that kind of can just go away for awhile,” said Joel, who has advocated for local causes, including the fight to save a historic arts centre in downtown Halifax.”For me, that’s what I want it to do for me this year, to still remain engaged in what I care about and to see if we can be involved in making the world a better place. But having it start on a family level and bringing that into a larger world with friends and family and audience and trying to do something that feels good, even if you’re angry.”That sentiment is reflected in the album’s title track.”Solidarity, we stand in solidarity. We’re weary but we’re ready pushing boulders up the hill fake oakleys.

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