Kayla Robertson

Kayla’s journey with a Girl and her world began during her time at Western Sydney University when she was introduced to us as part of an assignment. Instantly captivated by our mission and impact, Kayla found herself drawn to our grassroots structure and genuine connection to the girls we empower.

With a deep-rooted passion for women’s rights and female empowerment, Kayla firmly believes in the fundamental right of every girl to receive an education. It’s this belief that fuels her dedication to our cause.

In her role, Kayla’s the go-to person for managing our website and whipping up any digital and creative assets. She sees these tasks not just as responsibilities, but as opportunities to unlock the full potential of girls and provide them with autonomy over their own lives.

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We are about a Girl & her world. Her education, her family’s income, her health and wellbeing. We are about seeing her laugh, dream, succeed and have choices. Be who she wants to be, who she was meant to be.

There are girls in the Pacific islands who we are walking alongside. We help to mend their wings…they do the flying. We support their education – small businesses for their families – their Health and Wellbeing. Partner with us as we partner with them.