Income-generating projects

This month we are raising funds for an income-generating project. 

While we will always provide emergency support for the most vulnerable Girls in our community, we are also focused on helping families thrive by supporting income-generating initiatives. 

This month we are working with a family of women and Girls as they set up a chicken coop business with the aim of selling the chickens to increase the family income. We want to see them prosper as they create this small family business.

This will be a pilot project and once the business is set up, the family will train another family in the methods used to ensure the knowledge is being passed on in the community. The training will include planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluating. 

We know that providing training and guidance for Girls now leads to better outcomes for her family and her community in the future. 

Training women and Girls in creating small businesses helps tackle the root cause of poverty and inequality.

We want to ignite creativity, talent and passion, and our start-up grants provide the boost that women and Girls need to get started. 

How can you help today? Every donation makes a real difference!

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