How Leila balances caregiving and education

Balancing caregiving and education

In a small village in rural Fiji, amidst the lush greenery and flowing rivers, Leila looks like many of her peers. She loves spending time with her friends, listening to music and making art and crafts.   

But behind her broad smile is a story of resilience well beyond her years, one of a daughter caring for her mother and keeping her family afloat. 

When Leila’s mother underwent a leg amputation due to complications with diabetes, Leila took on the responsibility of caregiving. Her father is not around, so she wakes up at dawn to make sure things are ready for the day ahead.

She tends to her mother’s needs, ensuring she has eaten, is comfortable and ready for what she may need during the day, while also looking after her younger sister. 

But Leila is not just a caregiver – she is a high school student who is getting good marks and enjoys learning. 

We have now partnered with her family to ensure she has what she needs to stay at school, whether it’s a bus pass, school bag, books or a uniform.

We know that those small barriers can often mean the difference between getting back to school at the start of the year and dropping out. 

Through your support, we’ve been able to ensure that Girls like Leila continue with their education and can ultimately pursue their dreams. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Leila’s journey and how your support is making a difference in her life and the lives of many others like her.

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