Felicity Stafford

Felicity has a love for the Pacific and a passion for social justice including equal access to education. She believes that everyone has the right to education and is passionate about working with young people to create change.

She joins a Girl & her world after years of living and working around the world, including Fiji where she worked with an international development agency. She is an experienced communicator and a marketing professional who thrives when working on complex problems and creative problem solving. She is committed to using the power of storytelling to engage, inform and inspire audiences.

Felicity oversees the digital platforms, creating campaigns and content to inform and engage supporters with the work of a Girl & her world. She enjoys developing strong messaging and media strategies to help share this wonderful organisation with a wider audience.

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We are about a Girl & her world. Her education, her family’s income, her health and wellbeing. We are about seeing her laugh, dream, succeed and have choices. Be who she wants to be, who she was meant to be.

There are girls in the Pacific islands who we are walking alongside. We help to mend their wings…they do the flying. We support their education – small businesses for their families – their Health and Wellbeing. Partner with us as we partner with them.