Eviction; Business won’t cut it.

This week, Bono, is his unique style spoke at a TED talk about the good news on poverty. He embraced his ‘inner nerd’ and talked about some figures and the data that suggests that gains are being made to win the battle against the giants of disease and the burden of cyclic hunger, and that we CAN be the generation to stamp it out all together.

I love a good evidence based talk as much as the next person but he got my attention when he showed a pic of some gorgeous kids for whom the wins are very real. He humanised the data.

There’s an argument around poverty that as business and enterprise grow in developing nations that the poor will simply lift themselves out of their situation. And while many are becoming proactive with technology and small business loans, no longer willing to sit back and hope for their lives to change, business alone won’t cut it. People need people – those willing to walk along side and be advocates, to love, to support, to encourage. You can’t buy that.


a Girl & her world works in rural areas that don’t have the benefit of industry or easy access to transport into school and town, or the ability to easily get the things they need to live a normal life.

This week, Urmila texted me to let me know that one of the families we support is being evicted from their home over a petty contention about the land it is on. Urmila was part of the long project to build this home and the family had become part of the community. Now as simple as that they’re out.

Mum has hurt her foot and is hobbling. Both mum and dad are older than most parents of teens. Their daughter is a sweet sparrow who has known hunger and their son has worked the last 4 summers to pay for his school fees. We will with your help, walk alongside this family to help them pursue their own solutions and find opportunities to thrive in a new area and try and rebuild their lives with next to nothing. People need people.

We train ‘Girl Ambassadors’ to generate awareness in their schools about how educating girls can break cycles of poverty, and they run fundraisers.
We train ‘Girl Ambassadors’ to generate awareness in their schools about how educating girls can break cycles of poverty, and they run fundraisers.


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