DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality

DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality

Happy International Women’s Day 2023!

This year the UN theme is ‘DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality’. 

UN Women says the focus is on ‘innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and Girls’.  

As you know, here at a Girl & her world we advocate for Girls’ education in Fiji, so we’re really excited to celebrate today. 

This year we spoke to some of the Girls we partner with to understand how technology and digital education has helped transform their learning.

We spoke to high school and university students, and they all said that programs such as YouTube and Google has helped them learn about complex concepts in simple and accessible ways. 

The Girls agreed that the visually appealing and simplified video explanations help students around the world learn and develop. 

Here’s what they said:

Sastrika – a first-year university student.

‘Digital technology such as zoom classes really helped me to successfully complete my school studies during the COVID19 pandemic when face-to-face learning was not possible. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to complete my high school education. 

I didn’t find it very easy to adapt to online learning at first, but my teachers were very supportive and their advice helped me to cope.

I have a mobile phone at home which I use to access the internet. 

It is not hard to access data or wifi in my area as it’s available in every shop, however  it is quite expensive which makes it difficult for everyone to afford access. 

We are fortunate in my village as both boys and girls have equal access technology.

My favourite online platform is YouTube because it helps me learn some of the more difficult concepts in my subjects through colourful visuals and entertaining audio.

When I finish school I would like to become a teacher so that I am able to motivate other Girls like me to achieve their dreams.’ 


Krisha – a high school student 

‘During the COVID19 pandemic, I was able to successfully complete my classes on zoom when face-to-face classes were not available.

I’m very thankful to a Girl & her world for providing me with data during the lockdowns. I used my mum’s phone to attend online classes and the only problem was that sometimes the network wasn’t stable. It wasn’t always easy to learn online because often the students made a lot of noise and some of the teachers were not able to log in.

Digital technology has made a big difference to my learning, it provides us with all we need for learning and it is easier, more accessible and faster for us to research and collect information with the use of digital tools like Google.

I don’t have my own computer or phone, but I use my grandma’s laptop at home. 

It can be difficult to access data, not all parents are able to afford the top-up to provide data/wifi to their children.

In my area, some girls are not able to access technology because their parents don’t give them permission to use mobile phones or other devices.

My favourite digital platform is Google as it provides me with all the information I need for my projects especially in science subjects. YouTube is beneficial because it provides me with colourful videos and pictures which help me a lot with studies. I also use it during my leisure time.

Once I finish school I am planning to do a nursing course as it will provide good opportunities for living and earning.’


From Riya – a high school student

‘Digital technology is really important these days. I’ve had to learn how to use apps like zoom and Google Meet for online classes, and when we were in lockdown that technology allowed me to continue with face to face learning. 

At first I didn’t find it easy using technology for class as I had internet issues and we couldn’t always afford data. It was difficult during the COVID19 lockdowns, but still I continued to attend my class using my mum’s phone. I am very much thankful to a Girl & her world because they helped us purchase data. This meant I could attend my class everyday. 

I enjoy learning and like to use new apps. I enjoy videos and often learn new things through educational videos.

Digital technology has really helped me as I can now get information easier and faster. It’s much more accessible. I use the internet for researching and collecting information – I like Google and other apps.

I am fortunate as I have a laptop, however it can be hard to get access to wifi/data because my parents are not able to afford it every month.

Not all girls in my area are able to access  technology. There are some parents who don’t like their daughters using a mobile phone or other devices. 

My favourite app is Google – having access to the internet provides me with the information which I need for my subjects like accounting and computer studies. YouTube is also great as it helps me with visual videos, I often use it for my online presentations.

When I finish school I want to do financial management and office technology. I believe this will open up many career opportunities for me.’

How can you help? 

Donate today on International Women’s Day to help Girls develop the resources, skills and confidence to participate in planning their future. 

Our team helps empower girls and encourages families to keep their daughters in school – and many of these Girls have proven what a huge difference this can make to their community.

As always, your support makes a big difference. 

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