An important letter to our ‘a Girl & her world’ Community

We've been supporting Girls to stay in school in Fiji for nearly 7 years now. We've seen firsthand the way it has been life changing for them. Learn more about what we do, and how you can partner with the Girls and their communities.

Can we have a chat? Maybe pop the kettle on.

We’ve been supporting Girls to stay in school for nearly 7 years now.  We’ve also supported Girls to get to Uni and do vocational training. We’ve helped mums and dads start small businesses and take back the support of their daughters’ education with dignity.

Hundreds of Girls have been part of this work and we’ve seen firsthand the way it has been life changing for them.

We love being part of it. We love watching our Fiji Coordinator Urmila in action in her community. We love the way that our Sydney team has become part of the family. We know that educating Girls breaks generational cycles of poverty.

But at the start of a new year, we’ve had to be honest about what we need to be able to keep going.

We are a volunteer team with ‘day jobs’ and kids and while we have full confidence in the work happening on the ground in Fiji, here in Sydney, we’re struggling. We’re not going anywhere, but have had to acknowledge that we can’t do it all.

Some fast facts:

  • We need up to $50,000 a year to operate
  • We are not fundraisers – We need an experienced fundraiser
  • We no longer have the time to do all the admin required (manage emails, issue receipts etc)
  • We need a savvy admin person
  • For governance purposes, our board needs a Secretary who can attend 3-4 meetings a year and maintain key records
  • We need a grant writer for project grant applications
  • We would love to employ an additional part time role in Fiji and potentially in Sydney and need individuals or businesses who are prepared to fund this
  • We need someone to do the paperwork involved in helping us apply for tax deductibility
  • We need help putting together newsletters and donor correspondence
  • Our financial systems and procedures need updating

The thing is – like us, if you were to offer your experience and time to the above needs, it would be voluntary.

The other thing is, we’d need to be able to rely on you to work independently in your own time but also to deadlines within a yearly cycle of events and activities.

We wouldn’t need much of your time but we would need your commitment. And we’d love you to be part of the adventure!

We need some fresh eyes and an injection of new energy, skills and experience.

Please see below for some more detail about what these roles would involve. Maybe a few people could do it all, maybe we could spread the love over a group.

Can you help? If you can’t, do you know someone who could?

THANK YOU for the ways you have connected with us and supported our work over the years. We literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Also, be assured, if you are a regular giver, we are still using your donations to keep Girls in school and need your support.

We’re just as passionate about Girls’ education as ever, we know that the need is real and the solutions are within the Girls themselves.

Drop us a line at or through Facebook or Instagram message if you follow us there. We’d love to hear from you if have some ideas or would like to know more.

Partner with us as we partner with the Girls and their communities,

With Gratitude,

Jane, Jackie and Kym


Experienced fundraiser

Up to a day per month equivalent

An experienced volunteer fundraiser would need to:

  • Set fundraising target and strategy
  • Strategy could include: crowdfunding, events, working through schools, social media engagement
  • Manage our GoFundraise platform and engage with donors
  • Be willing to work with the ‘a Girl & her world’ team and attend quarterly after-hours meetings (3-approx. 4 a per year)

Grant writer

Up to a day per month equivalent (can also be ad-hoc)

An experienced volunteer grant writer would need to:

  • Research grant submission opportunities appropriate for ‘a Girl & her world’
  • Write and submit applications and manage correspondence with the donor/company/organisation

Social Enterprise role ad-hoc

Up to a day per month equivalent or as busy as you like! Peak times such as Christmas are busier.

An experienced volunteer would manage and develop new, branded products, some of which are produced by our Girls’ mums in Fiji and then sold online or at stalls. Also, our signature Christmas cakes appeal also needs to be managed as an event with volunteer bakers.

We would love to talk with you about new ideas for fundraising this way.

This role is committed to operating through fair trade and low environmental impact.

You would be welcome to visit our mums in Fiji (at your own expense) to see what is possible in community.

Board Secretary/Administration role

Up to a day per month equivalent

Our board, for Governance purposes needs a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. While the other roles are filled, we need a Secretary to attend our quarterly meetings and contribute to agenda items including our direction.

We also need an administration role and as these overlap, hoped the one person could fill both. Admin tasks would include:

  • Managing our info email account
  • Issuing invoices and receipts
  • Taking minutes at meetings
  • Working with the team to manage filing, including working with Google Drive to consolidate historical documents and update our templates and policies as needed
  • Working with the person who assists us in applying for tax deductibility

Finance operations role

An experienced volunteer project manager or other finance role would need to:

  • Review existing financial systems, forms and procedures
  • Talk to stakeholders and identify barriers and needs
  • Develop improved systems, forms and procedures
  • Conduct training as needed

If you were interested in this role, you would be very welcome to travel to Fiji (at your own expense) to work with Urmila and others for local solutions.

Accountant or other qualification to obtain Tax Deductibility

Approximately 2 day’s work in total, in your own time, to an agreed deadline.

The experienced volunteer would need to:

  • Research the approach needed
  • Locate and develop relevant documents
  • Submit paperwork
  • Follow up application until achieved
  • Provide regular updates to ‘a Girl & her world’ team

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