A quick update

Thought we’d give you a quick update on where things are at and how our Fijian community is tracking during this uncertain time we’re all facing at the moment. 

Fiji has had only a handful of Covid19 cases, mostly from returning travellers who have been quarantined. We’re hoping things stay that way! But they needed to keep cases contained and went into isolation, limiting people’s movement.

The Girls are now back at school and Uni after 3 months study from home under really challenging circumstances. Not everyone has internet or phones and rely on being present to use wifi. They are also like many of us, more comfortable learning face to face, and so they have struggled to keep up with studies and with staying connected to their learning communities. Many of their parents and family members are also now unemployed and there is pressure for the Girls to work to help the family.

One Girl lost all of her things in a house fire during the isolation period and thanks to your generosity we’ve been able to help set her up again with books, a uniform, and a bag. Another just needed $75 for her Uni term enrolment fee as her parents are now out of work.

With school and Uni now back, our Fiji Coordinator Urmila is organising term bus fares and Uni accommodation and helping Girls with what they need to be able to finish the second half of the year strong.

With this as our focus, we need to continue our monthly support of 2 Uni Girls and increasingly, with unemployment impacting their welfare, we are receiving requests from schools and within the community, for day to day support for the Girls, such as food and costs of living. 

We are now sending out a $5 Friday email every month to remind you that even $5 can make a difference and go towards these costs.

  • $200 can pay for a month’s Uni accommodation
  • $150 can pay for a terms travel pass
  • $50 can provide a family with food staples needed due to unemployment
  • $30 can help us respond to requests for sanitary pads, internet usage and stationery

Thanks for sticking with us, we so value this giving community.

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