A Girl and her World’s First Blog

It is so exciting for me to be writing the first blog for A Girl and Her World! 
I hope you’ve been able to have a read through what we are about and are as amazed as I am at how easy it is to make a difference. And I think most of us want to do that, make a difference where we see need.

Anyone who watches TV or has access to the internet is inundated by images of poverty and injustice and it can sometimes be overwhelming. I think we often don’t know what to do and so do nothing – powerlessness can take hold, or skepticism that the small amounts we give or the volunteer trips we take can make any difference.

My philosophy is that if we all connected with a cause or a person or a need as we saw it, and focused our efforts to bring change there, we would change the world! We don’t have to be a UN ambassador like Angelina Jolie or a crusader to stop human trafficking to change the life of a person who needs us to care.

Mother Teresa said “If you can’t feed 100 people, just feed one.”

If you can’t educate every girl in the Pacific start with one, like we did…and now here we are.

We plan to keep you updated on the girls’ progress and keep the stories flowing. Some of them will be disturbing and others full of joy and resilience….all the stories we bring you will be about the difference we can make, supporting them to live the life they were designed to!

Let’s go!

Lv Jane

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