‘A Day in the Life of..’ P2

Last week we showed you ‘A Day in the Life of’ P1, a few pics of one of our sweet girls who is now back at school thanks to your generosity. Here is P2…

‘After school I get on the bus which doesn’t take me all that far as the road to my house is very rocky’

So then I get off and walk up this road to my house. When the cane is very long it can be scary sometimes as there’s not many people on the road, it’s also usually really hot and sometimes it rains really hard. I was very happy to get new shoes so that the rocks don’t come through and hurt my feet anymore.

As the road winds up, I walk through long grass with big rocks jutting out to get to my house…I can see it as I climb the hill, the washing is still flapping in the breeze.

Then I’m home and I greet my mum and my little brother before helping with some chores, especially getting buckets of water for cooking and bathing, which I fill up from the neighbour’s tap as we don’t have running water.

Once the chores are done, I sit on the family bed and get onto my homework before dark, as our house doesn’t have electricity and the kerosene lantern isn’t very bright.

Dinner is usually dhal or vegetable curry and roti, which I also take to school for lunch the next day if there are leftovers.

I am very happy to be back at school now! Thank you!

Your generosity helps girls like this get back to school and stay there. It also ensures that their families will be assisted with income generating projects like the honey-bee hives that were provided for this family. Urmila our Coordinator will assess their situation regularly and work with their schools to make sure they are thriving.

Your support can really be a turning point in breaking cycles of poverty…

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Jane and team ‘a Girl & her world’



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