a Girl & her world

We are about a Girl & her world. Her education, her family’s income, her health and wellbeing. We are about seeing her laugh, dream, succeed and have choices. We are about supporting her to be who she wants to be, who she was meant to be.

There are Girls in the Pacific islands we are walking alongside. We help to mend their wings, they do the flying. We support their education, small businesses for their families, their health and wellbeing.

Partner with us as we partner with them.

a Girl & her world

Want to do some fundraising for a Girl & her world?

Find us on GoFundraise and register your event like a birthday party, a local walk/run or a morning tea, then invite your friends to be part of it. It couldn’t be easier. And in doing so, you’ll be changing the lives of Girls in the Pacific islands and helping break cycles of poverty.

So GoFundraise! Thank you.


Kajul was the first Girl to be supported by our organisation and Franziska was our first Girl Ambassador. They have now formed a special relationship through a Girl & her world.

Watch Franziska & Kajul talk about a Girl & her world.

Education matters. Half our job is spreading the word of “why” education is important across rural Fiji. This task is just as important as helping more and more Girls every year.

Rea explains why education is important and what it means to her.