Kym Cross

Kym loves people, is passionate about injustice and has eyes to see all kinds of opportunities for balancing things out! With a background in finance, she holds the a Girl & her world purse strings and has lots of entrepreneurial ideas for income generating projects in the developing country setting.

Kym has also worked in youth, disability and aged care community services. High energy, she often finds herself in the thick of the action and is the person you’d want on your side if you were stuck in a ditch! Kym loves to stick a frangipani behind her ear and enjoy a sunset and has been known to throw herself off a trapeze for no good reason!

Kym has a background in finance and events management and has also worked in disability, youth and aged care services

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We are about a Girl & her world. Her education, her family’s income, her health and wellbeing. We are about seeing her laugh, dream, succeed and have choices. Be who she wants to be, who she was meant to be.

There are girls in the Pacific islands who we are walking alongside. We help to mend their wings…they do the flying. We support their education – small businesses for their families – their Health and Wellbeing. Partner with us as we partner with them.