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Imagine a world where every Girl has access to education, where Girls are seen as equal, where more Girls finish University and go on to find employment, therefore lifting their families out of poverty.

We know that educating Girls helps achieve this and changes the world. 

We also know that for every additional year of school that a Girl completes, infant mortality rates are reduced by 5 to 10%*. And we know that it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

We are a small, grassroots organisation and we can’t do it without you. Every donation, big and small makes a difference.

This is what your donation will support:

COVID19 is having a significant impact on Fijians’ daily lives and their livelihoods. Their health system is collapsing under the weight of high daily case numbers and people in communities like the one we work in are suffering as a result of stay at home orders.

Food security is a real issue. Your donation towards COVID19 relief can support emergency food supplies, home utilities and transport costs for people to access services. We are providing $100 relief packages for the families of the Girls we support as we are able.

Read more about the effects of COVID19 here.

  • $288 provides emergency food for a month.
  • $25 provides transport for a month.
  • $56 provides emergency utilities (gas, electricity) for a month.
  • Purchasing uniforms and stationery from local suppliers
  • Creating travel passes with local bus companies
  • Supporting menstrual hygiene needs to keep girls able to go to school (e.g. providing sanitary pads and period undies).
  • Supporting menstrual hygiene needs to keep girls able to go to school (e.g. providing sanitary pads and period undies).
  • Living expenses.
  • Accommodation set up.
  • Text books and stationery.

COVID19 has impacted peoples ability to earn a living in Fiji where many people were already vulnerable to shocks as daily wage earners.

We want to help the families of the Girls we support recover and set them up with small business training and seed funds. We are planning to provide between $500-$1000 income generating packages to get people back on their feet.

Your donation can help them recover with dignity.

  • Training on bookkeeping.
  • Small business planning.
  • Other business skills for using seed capital effectively and set up projects with confidence.

Your support will help us continue our work, grow our reach and provide greater impact into the future.

Donate today.

* This stat means that educated Girls will have fewer children and have them later, giving their babies a better chance at survival, and the longer they stay in school, the better the outcome. Safer, Healthier, Wealthier: How G20 investments in girls’ education improve our world.


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Every donation, large or small, is greatly valued and makes a genuine difference.
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